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Backslash \ Usage

The backslash symbol is [ \ ] . It’s called backslash because it’s opposite of the forward slash [ / ] symbol. The backslash \ is used in computing coding to specify filesystem path in Microsoft Windows operating system and also as a computing networking symbol to specify the path to a computer in the network.

On the other hand, the forward slash / is a punctuation symbol in English language. It is also used in mathematics as a division symbol and also used to write website URLs.

Location of backslash key in Personal Computer keyboard

The back slash \ is located usually above the Enter Key in the personal computer keyboard for English language.

Backslash Symbol 1

Examples of \ backslash usage

Backslash \ as computing filesystem path symbol in MS Windows Operating System:

The following path to the hosts file is often used by system administrators to edits the hosts file for updating hostname records using the backslash \ symbols:


Backslash \ as a computing networking symbol

Backslash \ symbols is used to specify the path to a computer in the network and it’s filesystem.



Common forward slash / usages below:

Just to differentiate the backslash symbol \ with the forward slash /, I am listing some of the usage of the /forward slash symbol below:

  • Forward slash / is used a English Grammar Punctuation symbol to include multiple items separated by forward slash/.
    • Examples:
      • Hello Mark/John,
      • Get the Jug/towel/mug with you.
  • Forwards slash / is used in Mathematics as a division symbol.
    • Examples:
      • 8/4 = 2
      • 8/16 = 0.5
  • Forward slash / is also used in computing as a website URL.
    • Examples:
      • https://example.com/index.html
      • http://example.com/

I hope the above usage and examples clarifies the difference between the backslash symbol [ \ ] and the forward slash [ / ] symbol. If you have any questions, please state the same in the comments.

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