What is a Clause?

A clause is a set of semantically arranged words. It has a subject and a predicate. It can take the role of a Part of Speech. That is, it can act as a noun, adjective, or adverb.

Clause Examples:

  • I had guessed that he would come today.

       “that he would come todayis an example of a clause.

        It has a subject > “he

        It has a verb > “would come.

 It acts as a noun.  Proof: Guessed what?  Answer: “that he would come today.So this clause is the object of the verb, “guessed.” That is, it is acting as a noun.

  • My sister, who is a teacher, is getting married next month.

        “who is a teacheris another example of a clause.

        It has a subject > “who

        It has a verb > “is.

        It is modifying a noun phrase, “my sister.” Therefore, it is an adjective.

  • When I went there, I saw a beautiful girl.

        When I went there is another example of a clause.

         It has a subject > “I“.

         It has a verb > “went“.

        It is acting as an adverb modifying the verb “saw“.

There are two types of clauses.

  1. Dependent clause, also known as a subordinate clause.
  2. Independent clause, also known as the main clause.

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